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A Distributor was Born

Posted by Steve Redan on October 30, 2015 at 9:36 AM

Steve Redan founded Kenvil Power Mower in 1957 as a retailing, servicing outdoor power equipment dealership after the untimely passing of his dad.  With the need to support his mom and siblings, Steve’s mom signed him out of high school, and with a modest loan of $150 from a neighborhood friend (and Steve never forgot this gesture), Steve purchased his first three HomKo lawnmowers for resale.

Kenvil Power Mower grew through the 1950’s and 60’s with a host of mower and handheld brands, mostly catering to the homeowner market. Kenvil Power Mower became the most successful dealer with the Snapper line of lawnmowers, and in the late 60’s, Snapper asked Kenvil to become a distributor for Snapper covering three counties in New Jersey, and resulting in the formation KPM Distributors, selling Snapper equipment to other dealers, similar to Kenvil Power Mower. KPMNY Distributors was also formed to serve the Long Island distribution area in the early 80’s.

Kenvil Power Mower continued to expand its product offering as a dealer through the 70’s and 80’s within the Snapper brand, such as snow blowers, rear-bagging mowers, and with other lines like Locke-branded Triplex, Lawnboy, Jacobsen, Tanaka and Simplicity.

In the 80’s, the commercial landscaping industry began its rapid growth, and in 1985, industry-innovator, Dane Scag introduced the Scag mower, a heavily commercial focused brand of mowers, when Exceptional Equipment and Service was formed to become a distributor for Scag Power Equipment. In 1996, Kenvil Power Mower was sold to another dealer owner seeking to operate a second location, and through the 90’s and 00’s, KPM, KPMNY and EE&S saw many challenges and opportunities, with factories’ changing in direction, both toward, and away from, distribution.

Today, KPM Exceptional, LLC, represents over 15 brands of outdoor power equipment, including lawn-mowing, debris management, heating, and snow and ice management equipment, accessories, and repair parts, serving retailing-servicing dealers from Virginia to Maine. Steve Redan puts it best when he says: “We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. We strive to do what works for our customers’ business by doing the right thing.”  For nearly 60 years as a retailer-then-distributor, this is KPM’s priority every single day.

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