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Currently Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer and Human Resource Manager, Donna Grenot has been with KPM Exceptional for almost 20 years. Her style of quiet-yet-effective leadership has earned her the highest level of respect of everyone she works with. Donna has developed particular expertise in all aspects of human resource management, deployment, conflict resolution, and training, and with her network of outside counsel, stays current with current and pending regulation within the employment law area. Donna has the core value of sincerity and fosters an environment of cross-training, collaboration and trust to ensure a seamless operation at KPM.

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More Effective Bookkeeping Methods

Posted by Donna Grenot on March 23, 2016 at 10:03 AM

Modern tools increase employee productivity and improve accuracy.

I’ve heard some co-workers talk about how they kept track of everything on long ledger paper, inventory, dealer accounts, payroll, payables, and sales. This method used to meet needs, but as a business grows it shows its limitations. Manual bookkeeping methods could lead to poor financial records. Your company might be turned down for financing or certain lines of credit due to poor bookkeeping practices.

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Topics: technology, efficiency, Bookkeeping

Hiring? Do Plan Ahead!

Posted by Donna Grenot on October 21, 2015 at 10:27 AM

So where do you begin? Begin by investing some time organizing yourself. Invest time in writing a job description and preparing yourself for the interview process. You will either spend your time on the front end organizing or on the back end dealing with the fallout from hiring the wrong person. Hiring the wrong person can cost you in productivity, employee morale and financially.

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