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Jeff Fierle started his lifelong career in the Lawn and Garden Industry in 1976 working first as a power equipment mechanic and then as a sales associate for a large Power Equipment dealer located in Upstate NY. Jeff continued on as a territory manager for a Toro Distributorship located in Buffalo, NY. There, he was awarded the Salesmen of the Year “Sport Jacket” presented by the Toro Company and the Salesmen of the Year “Ring” from the McCullough Corporation. Jeff was promoted to Director of Sales and managed an inside and outside sales staff. In 1994, Jeff and his wife, Cheryl, started Fierle Distribution Corporation. Fierle Distribution represented a few niche lines, such as Little Wonder / Mantis, Great Dane, Wright Manufacturing, and Ducane Gas Grills. In 1999, Jeff convinced the Sno-Way Company to give 2-step distribution a try. Up to that point, every plow manufacturer went factory direct to the market. The Sno-Way product line is now successfully being marketed throughout the entire U.S. as well as Canada exclusively through 2-Step distribution. KPM Exceptional purchased Fierle Distribution in 2008. Jeff’s current responsibilities include General Manager of the KPM Derby NY Facility, Winter Products manager, and New Products Manager. Jeff is also a member of the KPM executive management team. Jeff received his business degree from SUNY Delhi.

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KPM, Sno-Way, and SnoHub join forces

Posted by Jeff Fierle on October 17, 2017 at 11:24 AM

KPM and Sno-Way have teamed up with a National Account that represents residential snow plowing services throughout the entire North East. SnoHub, launched last December, is looking to bring the Uber Taxi Service model to snow removal. Open the app, press a few buttons, and you can track a snowplow crew as it makes its way to your driveway. The app, which is now offered for both the iPhone and Android, connects homeowners with snowplowing businesses for on-demand plowing. It provides a flat-fee pricing structure, either $69, $79 or $89, based on the size of the driveway. Payments are handled inside the app, with SnoHub collecting a transaction fee.

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How Can Lawn and Garden Dealers Start Selling Plows?

Posted by Jeff Fierle on October 15, 2015 at 4:35 PM

An increasing number of Lawn and Garden dealers are starting to realize the benefits of selling plows in addition to lawnmowers.  They can satisfy more of their customers’ needs during the summer and winter months as their current landscape customers who are cutting grass from May to September are also the ones pushing snow from November to March.  Servicing the needs of your customers year round will drive more business to the bottom line.

The question becomes where do you start? 

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Make Your Lawn and Garden Dealership a Year-Round Business

Posted by Jeff Fierle on October 13, 2015 at 6:44 PM

More and more commercial landscapers have grown their companies into year-round businesses.  They are not only cutting grass and maintaining lawns throughout the summer growing season, but many commercial landscapers have matured their business to include snow and ice removal throughout the winter months. Upwards of 60% of commercial landscapers are now also pushing snow.  So, what does that mean to most Lawn and Garden shops throughout the Northeast?  It means you are missing a great opportunity!  

Chances are, you have been extremely successful in earning the commercial landscaper’s respect with his lawn equipment.  That landscaper places his trust in you when it comes to purchasing and repairing his lawn equipment.  Don’t you feel he would do the same when it came to purchasing his snow and ice removal equipment?

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