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Stan has had a long and successful career of 32 years in power equipment sales, the last 25 with KPM Exceptional. Prior to that, he spent several years selling fertilizer and grass seed. Stan prides himself on forging long lasting relationships and going beyond the typical sales mentality of "just getting the order". He immerses himself with his customers business and offers his own insight in how to help with all facets of their business, from marketing to help with their sales, service and office departments. He believes in being a true business partner.

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How Important is it to Stay In Touch with Current Customers?

Posted by Stanley Abramowitz on March 28, 2016 at 2:32 PM

Why do I need to keep in contact with my customers?

Building and maintaining relationships with your current customers is often an overlooked strategy to generate sales for your business.  Yes, thats right - relationship management with your customers can directly increase your sales figures.  Plus, working with your existing customers can be more cost effective.  You can directly influence your customers - by making them feel appreciated.

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Topics: outdoor power equipment, customer attraction, Dealership

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