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Currently Chairman and partner at KPM Exceptional, LLC, Steve Redan founded Kenvil Power Mower as an outdoor power equipment retailer in 1957, and co-founded KPM as an outdoor power equipment wholesale distributor in 1967. With almost 60 years in the industry, Steve has earned the respect of KPM’s dealers, suppliers, and fellow distributors. Steve’s retail dealership background brings a demonstrable, “I’ve walked the walk” experience and empathy toward the many challenges the OPE dealer faces today. Steve has the core values of service and sincerity and he fosters an atmosphere of collaboration.

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A Distributor was Born

Posted by Steve Redan on October 30, 2015 at 9:36 AM

Steve Redan founded Kenvil Power Mower in 1957 as a retailing, servicing outdoor power equipment dealership after the untimely passing of his dad.  With the need to support his mom and siblings, Steve’s mom signed him out of high school, and with a modest loan of $150 from a neighborhood friend (and Steve never forgot this gesture), Steve purchased his first three HomKo lawnmowers for resale.

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