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Customer-Centric Business Approach for Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers

Posted by Scott Redan on November 11, 2015 at 9:10 AM

We cannot begin a conversation about a customer-centric business approach without first defining “customer centric.” To make it simple, it is putting the customer at the center of your business. Understanding what the customer needs and putting them first creates long lasting business value.Customer Success

In order to develop a customer-first approach, get to know your customers and ask them these questions.

  • What goals are they looking to achieve with a new piece of equipment?
  • What challenges are they currently facing with their existing equipment?
  • How are these challenges impeding their success?
  • What would success look like to them?

By asking these types of probing questions, you can advise your customers on which equipment would be best suited for their business rather than directing them to what you have in stock or what you need to move. This type of consultative sale goes beyond rattling off product features.  It extends to how and why a particular feature will benefit the customer, address their pain points and meet their business objectives.  

Offering demos of a similar model is a huge benefit since customers can experience the product firsthand and feel confident in their eventual purchase. End users are making a large investment, and they want to ensure that the machine will fit their needs and perform well in real-life situations. This added offering strengthens your relationship with the customer.

After your customer has decided to purchase, make the sales process as painless as possible.  Perhaps, offer a dedicated place and computer for your customer to apply for financing to speed up the process and make the most of their time. Post-sale, anticipate your client needs and be proactive about offering product and service support. Have an adequate amount of parts available to minimize downtime and staff that can assist with troubleshooting a piece of equipment. The ability to triage a downed machine while it is still on the customer’s trailer minimizes the negative impact on their business, reinforcing your value to the customer.  Your customer’s trust in you and your dealership grow as a result.  

Making the customer your number one priority will create customers for life.

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