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Engage Your Customers Through Email

Posted by Scott Redan on March 25, 2016 at 3:45 PM


Email Marketing

Email MarketingYou are currently selling products and services to your consumer base on a daily basis. They like doing business with you, and you have a lot of repeat customers. Have you ever thought of using them to solidify relationships, and increase sales and referrals? Why not use the information you currently have to improve your bottom line by keeping your customers engaged and aware of business trends and promotions?The first step is straightforward and easy, ask for your patron’s email address. They are already at your door and on your counter while you are standing in front of a computer, it is as simple as saying “what is a current email address we can use to contact you?” You may find out that you already have this information on credit applications or business cards you have filed. Let’s leverage that information and keep your customers engaged with you.

Things to consider when creating an email:

Make sure that the email is relevant to your customer. Your email must contain information that your customer wants to read be it service tips, sales promotions or a new product launch. Your emails will end up in the trash quickly if you’re just letting them know that it is Joe’s 4th anniversary with your company, this kind of information is not going to help your customer.

Hold a contest.

Everybody loves free stuff. It could be as simple as offering a free 6-pack of two-cycle oil or an oil change for the customer that sends in the best picture of them using your product or sends you the most referrals. Make it fun for the client and give away something that you know they will value that will not cost you a lot of money.

Make your email quick and concise. Think about how you read your emails, do you quickly scan it and see if it is worth taking the time to read? Most people do because they are getting bombarded with emails. It is important to get to the point and to do it quickly.

Write a great subject line.

“How to” is a great way to start. How to extend the life of your equipment. How to easily finance your new purchase. How to increase your productivity.

  • Quick tips
  • Best Practices
  • Spring specials
  • Special Price
  • Last Chance
  • Today Only
  • Did you know?
  • Now or Never

Make it funny – Real Landscapers eat their Greens

Make sure that your email frequency is appropriate. Every two weeks in season, every month off season or instantly if you have a special message to promote like an open house or a special deal. It is most important to convey information to your customers that is relevant to them.

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