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Fall Clean Up

Posted by Bob Consalvi on July 28, 2015 at 10:43 PM
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Soon, the leaves will be falling causing a frenzy among landscape contractors to get their customers’ properties cleaned up before the snow flies. Be prepared to help your customers and make the most of this selling opportunity.

Here are some tips to maximize sales.

Build a retail display

Set up an impressive display of blowers and truck loaders in the next couple of weeks to remind contractors that fall clean-up season is right around the corner. Point it out to your customers as they come into your dealership for parts or service needs.

Educate and advise

Take an interest in your contractor’s business by learning about his routine for fall clean up. Share alternative methods that will get the job done better and faster, and translate how a new approach will result in greater productivity and larger profits.

Over the last decade, backpack blowers have become very popular at the expense of wheeled blowers. Consider the benefits of using a wheeled blower AND a backpack blower to save time when carrying heavy, wet material greater distances or diverting leaves toward the curb or truck loader from the back or side yards. Reduce run time by using a wheeled blower for larger open areas of the yard. It also serves as a great alternative in cities and towns that are banning backpack blowers due to noise and health concerns.

Newer landscapers purchase their first or second truck loader based solely on price without considering how the loader will impact productivity. More productive equipment will lead to greater profits, which will offset a higher initial purchase price. Benefits include reduced labor costs and dumping fees and fewer trips to the recycling center. Additionally, more jobs completed in less time allow landscapers to take on more jobs and earn more money. Also, consider the higher cost of Workers Compensation due to crew member injuries caused by falling off the side of trucks while trying to load a tarp full of debris.

Suggest the best equipment

The best-selling Scag Giant-Vac product line includes everything you need for fall clean up-- wheeled blowers, vacuums, and truck loaders. Plus, Giant-Vac is one of the first brands to launch an online training system designed to equip your sales staff with product knowledge and help them sell more fall products.

The Hurricane Blo-Vac X3-27 is the latest innovation in debris handling. It combines a three-way directional, high CFM blower with a surefooted stand-on chassis. Landscapers claim that they are completing clean-up work weeks ahead of schedule as a result of Hurricane Blo-Vac’s incredible productivity.

By understanding your customer’s business and his fall clean-up practice, you can identify the most appropriate method and equipment to help him reduce operating costs and improve his bottom line. KPM is proud to represent Scag Giant-Vac and Hurricane Blo-Vac products.

If you haven’t experienced them for yourself, contact KPM for an on-site demo.



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