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How Can Lawn and Garden Dealers Start Selling Plows?

Posted by Jeff Fierle on October 15, 2015 at 4:35 PM

An increasing number of Lawn and Garden dealers are starting to realize the benefits of selling plows in addition to lawnmowers.  They can satisfy more of their customers’ needs during the summer and winter months as their current landscape customers who are cutting grass from May to September are also the ones pushing snow from November to March.  Servicing the needs of your customers year round will drive more business to the bottom line.

The question becomes where do you start? 


Here are three common ways other Lawn and Garden dealers have successfully started selling snow equipment.

  1. Start off with salt spreaders.  They are easier to install and service.  Many landscapers can even install a spreader themselves.  From there, your customers will ask about plows.

  2. Start off with UTV plows.  You may already have a UTV product line, such as John Deere, Kubota, or Polaris.  If so, adding a UTV plow is a natural next step with the low cost of entry.  You can expect your customers to ask about truck plows and spreaders next.

  3. Start off with Skid Steer Plows and Spreaders, which are ideal for compact tractors with loaders.  As with UTV dealers, your customers will begin to ask about truck plows and spreaders.

Taking on a small portion of the snow business makes sense in the beginning.  Then, as your customers continue to look to you for related products, it’s time to expand your snow product line.  It’ll keep your customers coming back versus going to another dealership.

Keep in mind that starting small is only possible when you work with a two-step distributor.  The benefit of going with a two-step distributor, like KPM, is that you can buy one plow AND we will ship it to you the next day.  Going factory-direct requires a larger commitment.  Plus, you will experience longer wait times for your equipment and parts order shipment.

KPM is among the first Lawn and Garden distributors to successfully transition power equipment dealers into the plow business. Through our experience, KPM helps minimize your risk.  We offer programs, pricing, and training that allow dealers to expand their business without significant investment.

Ready to take the next step?  Click here.


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