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Kick Start 2016 with Revenue Generating Ideas for Your OPE Dealership

Posted by Jesse Hellyer on January 20, 2016 at 4:05 PM
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This past year, KPM worked with Alex Goldfayn to incorporate some of his Evangelist marketing ideas into our own business. One specific thing that Alex explains to his clients is how to incorporate client testimonials into your company’s communications.referral-marketing.jpg

Recently, Alex gave this webinar to his past and current clients as a kickoff for 2016. I wanted to share this with our blog readers. Maybe you can find value in Alex’s ideas for your own OPE business.

Highlights from the webinar include:

  • Make a list of highest potential customers / prospects. Use this as a “hit list” for your future communications.

  • Revisit people who said “NO” last year; give them a chance to say “YES” this time.

  • Create a collection of your best customer stories from 2015. Share with everyone.

  • Offer up the DYK question (Did You Know) because people won’t remember all your offerings.

  • Reverse the DYK question with customers and prospects (what else are you buying elsewhere that we can help you with?).

  • Collect testimonials constantly.

  • Don’t forget about referrals.

How can this apply to an outdoor power equipment dealership or retail store? For starters, how about getting outside of your dealership? When visiting customers, one suggestion is to bring your customer stories and testimonials with you. Print them all out, and bring a packet of this information right along with you.

Interested in finding more municipal or government entity business? It would be easy to incorporate the idea of referrals here. Find a couple of current customers who work for large entities like this, and see if they can suggest someone else for you to visit. When you visit these prospects, ask them a “Did You Know” question. Something like, “This person referred you to me, but Did You Know we also work with X, Y, and Z company, and they’re very similar to yours?”

We wish you a prosperous 2016. If there’s anything that KPM can do to help your OPE dealership, let us know.

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