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KPM Partners with BMS Vendors to Help OPE Dealers

Posted by Jesse Hellyer on November 19, 2015 at 4:58 PM
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In today’s environment, technology is a vital part of most areas of business. So, it’s no wonder that business management systems (BMS) are making their way into outdoor power equipment dealerships. In fact, a high-quality BMS provides a competitive advantage to OPE dealers. Those using such a system are more accurate and responsive and are better able to meet customer demands.

To help make our dealers’ retail operations function more seamlessly, we have partnered with a few BMS companies to develop exciting new features. We developed these interfaces to improve directly the way our OPE dealers do business, every day. As of this writing, we have completed three state-of-the-art systems that our dealers can take advantage of with more technological improvements on the way.

1. Purchase Order Transmission – Available on c-Systems Infinity, c-Systems Enterprise, SoftPower, Ideal, Charter, and Nizex

This is a big one. This allows our dealers to send us an order, directly from their purchase order screen. No more printing and faxing, no more calling in orders, and no more re-entering the order into our website. Lightning fast and available 24/7, our purchase order interface is as efficient as it gets. It even responds back with availability, cost, and the list price for every item on the order.

2. Inventory Stock Check - Available on c-Systems Infinity and Ideal.

Imagine a customer at your front counter. They are looking for an item you don’t have in stock. You ask yourself, “does my supplier have it, how quickly can I get it, and what will it cost?” Our Inventory Stock Check system answers all of these questions at once! Just click a button in your business software and our computers will respond back instantly with all the information you are looking for.

3. Product Registration - Available on c-Systems Infinity

Another time sink for dealerships–-product registrations. Many dealers put all sales slips into a bin after they are complete, waiting for a time when someone can sit and register units. We built a system to transmit registration information automatically to KPM, for any product line you buy from us. Then, we’ll take care of the registration for you.

KPM dealers can take advantage of these timesaving technology solutions. Adoption is high among our retail customers; we receive hundreds of stock check inquiries alone per day.

The great thing is that the setup is minimal. OPE dealerships that have implemented a business management system experience improved efficiency, which paves the way for streamlining operations and resource allocation. Additionally, they can handle more business with a smaller staff, which equates to increased profitability.

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