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KPM, Sno-Way, and SnoHub join forces

Posted by Jeff Fierle on October 17, 2017 at 11:24 AM

KPM and Sno-Way have teamed up with a National Account that represents residential snow plowing services throughout the entire North East. SnoHub, launched last December, is looking to bring the Uber Taxi Service model to snow removal. Open the app, press a few buttons, and you can track a snowplow crew as it makes its way to your driveway. The app, which is now offered for both the iPhone and Android, connects homeowners with snowplowing businesses for on-demand plowing. It provides a flat-fee pricing structure, either $69, $79 or $89, based on the size of the driveway. Payments are handled inside the app, with SnoHub collecting a transaction fee.

SnoHub provides a digital tool for the homeowner to quickly find a plow contractor, and transparency on when that plow contractor will arrive. For the snow plow contractors, it can mean extra business that doesn’t require marketing or collecting payments. SnoHub is working with landscapers and other plowing providers to try to drive more users to the app. SnoHub’s main sell to the plow contractor is …… “Today’s customers want access to services through their phone. People will gravitate toward something that is simpler, easier and more convenient to them” similar to how services such as Uber allow users to become drivers in their free time, plowing gigs through SnoHub are open to anyone with insurance, a driver’s license and the proper equipment. SnoHub does screen applicants through a background check process.

Sno-Hub has intentions of adding hundreds of plow contractors to its fleet of contractors. Their main focus is not necessarily the established Plow Contractor, but possibly the Police Officer, Firefighter, or seasonal Construction Worker who is looking to supplement his income. Basically, anyone with a truck or jeep that can have a plow installed can sign up to become a SnoHub Contractor.

KPM is excited about the opportunity to join forces with SnoHub, and we feel that dealers who represent the Sno-Way brand of Plows have a great opportunity to capitalize on this exciting new partnership.

Click here to read more about SnoHub from the NewsTimes.

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