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Make Your Lawn and Garden Dealership a Year-Round Business

Posted by Jeff Fierle on October 13, 2015 at 6:44 PM

More and more commercial landscapers have grown their companies into year-round businesses.  They are not only cutting grass and maintaining lawns throughout the summer growing season, but many commercial landscapers have matured their business to include snow and ice removal throughout the winter months. Upwards of 60% of commercial landscapers are now also pushing snow.  So, what does that mean to most Lawn and Garden shops throughout the Northeast?  It means you are missing a great opportunity!  

Chances are, you have been extremely successful in earning the commercial landscaper’s respect with his lawn equipment.  That landscaper places his trust in you when it comes to purchasing and repairing his lawn equipment.  Don’t you feel he would do the same when it came to purchasing his snow and ice removal equipment?


Have you ever given thought to diversifying your business to include commercial snow and ice related equipment?

  • Cross-sell to existing landscape customers who are mowing grass in the summer and pushing snow in the winter.  
  • With your reputation for servicing your landscape customer needs, you have the potential to attract new customers that are looking for quality products, backed by your professional service.
  • Being involved in the snow and ice removal business provides you the opportunity to maintain cash flow during a typically slower time of year.  
  • Offset fixed costs and avoid employee layoffs during the winter months.  

Worried about making the transition? Don’t worry; KPM has helped many successful Lawn and Garden equipment dealers evolve their business into a Full-Service, Year-Round dealership.  In fact, KPM is among the first Lawn and Garden distributors to transition power equipment dealers to include spreaders and plows into their product offering.

Through our experience, KPM helps minimize your risk. We have the programs, pricing, inventory, advertising, and customer support that allow you to enter into this segment of business without significant investment.  We start you out with a conservative order.  Then, we train your staff, set up your advertising, offer demos for your customers, and do what is needed in order for you to succeed.

Do you think the Winter Plow business may be right for you? Do you want to learn more? 

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