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Marketing Tips For Outdoor Power Equipment Dealerships

Posted by Barry Knauer on January 22, 2016 at 11:36 AM

Tried-And-True Marketing Tactics You Should Try in 2016


When you are busy running an outdoor power equipment dealership, it can be hard to find time to take on the task of marketing. We often push it to the back burner because of the varying degrees of trial and error it requires to get results from our efforts. Since time is money and we can’t waste what little resources we have to spare, KPM has compiled a tried-and-true list of tips and tricks to augment your dealership's marketing efforts. If you want to increase awareness and drive more traffic to your dealership, try some of these marketing tactics.


Get Active On Social Media

Social sites contribute to millions of web views every day. Take a piece of the pie and invest a small amount of time towards setting up business social media accounts. A good place to start for our OPE industry is Facebook. A large outdoor power equipment audience can be found there so if you need to pick and choose based on time constraints, make Facebook your social media priority. The important thing about social media is to engage with your audience; stand out by adding value and being personable. Most importantly, reference other user accounts and use hashtags (@account_name and #hashtag) to include related people and keywords. Connecting your posts to relevant content helps create the online community that will benefit your business.

Write About Your Business

Local newspapers and industry publications are always looking for quality content to fill their pages.  Maybe you don't have the time or interest to write articles for yourself?   Did you know that there are services such as ELance?  These types of sites will write the content for you, usually for a low hourly price.  Local papers make for a great platform to promote recent location changes, new hires, expanded service offering, website updates, and new product lines. The whole point is to keep your dealership top of mind with the consumer.

Optimize Your Internal Displays

What do customers see when they first walk in? Your equipment displays. Keep them stocked, orderly and cleaned up. One dealer I know pays a company weekly to come in and dust their equipment and showroom area. Focus on how a customer perceives your OPE dealership when they walk through your front door. Would you stay in a hotel if they left the dirty bed sheets from the previous occupant? I doubt it, and customers won’t purchase products from you if your store is in disarray. Ken recently wrote an excellent post here about the importance of keeping a full display.

Use Outdoor Space

Some of the best advertising is putting equipment out in front of your store. Allow potential customers to see your product offering without having to enter your dealership. Then, start rotating the equipment mix you showcase out front, including putting seasonal items out for view when appropriate.  I wrote a blog post about this that you can read in depth, here.

Become Locally Active

Involve yourself, and your employees, in charities and organizations. Giveaways are a perfect example of this – they can attract a lot of attention to your outdoor power equipment dealership from people you wouldn’t otherwise reach using traditional marketing tactics.

You can start with American Business clubs or your local Chamber of Commerce.  Depending on your area, you might have to look around and seek involvement in these local organizations.  It makes you stand out as a part of the community.  This can be especially important in smaller town areas. People like to support locally-owned businesses. Community involvement coupled with a tremendous service-based reputation can be a home run for your business.

Need help determining the right marketing mix for your OPE dealership? Let us know, and we can help! Click here.

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