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Posted by Jesse Hellyer on June 11, 2021 at 10:13 AM
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Do you like dealing with marketing at your dealership?   We hear this time and time again: "I spent $X, but have no way to determine if I made a good investment".   Maybe you've found digital marketing, including Facebook and Google, which gives you countless metrics you can track.   And you get lost in the rabbit hole of impressions, views, reach, etc etc.  

But what is the marketing bottom line?   In a power equipment dealership, the goal of most of your marketing is footsteps through your door.   Increasing floor traffic increases the number of opportunities that your business has to make a sale.  From a theory perspective, marketing and sales are meant to work in tandem like this.   Marketing is about finding people who might be interested in your products and services.  Marketing is also about "warming up" these people, known as leads, to make them aware of who you are, what you do, and what you can offer them.  Sales is about actually making the sale.  

One way to look at marketing is traditional vs. digital.   Traditional marketing tactics include billboards, t-shirts, mailings / postcards, radio, TV, print, and more.   Digital marketing is anything using an electronic device to reach your customers - this blog for instance, or Facebook, Google, email marketing, and much more.  In both cases, the goal is to increase awareness for your business, your products, and your services among those people who are likely to buy from you.   Nowadays, it is common for dealers to have a mix of traditional and digital marketing efforts in their yearly plans.

Now that we've identified these types of marketing, and chose a mix for our business, one important question always lingers:

"What am I actually GETTING for my marketing investment?"

At KPM  we ask ourselves the same question about our marketing efforts.  Certainly, metrics and other available data helps us paint a picture of our marketing effectiveness.  But if our marketing is designed to yield real world actions as their result we must do more.   Enter our most recent video series - "Interviewing Your Customer".  The goal of this series of videos is to equip dealers and their employees with some tactics and questions to use when interacting with your customer. 

Asking your customer questions like "Where did you hear about us?"  or "How did you hear about the Scag brand?" will help you understand where your flow of customers (both new and existing) are coming from.  Without this valuable feedback you are unlikely to know where to spend more or less marketing dollars in the coming year. 

Maybe you're saying to yourself - I already know this stuff.  And I do it every day with my customers.  That's great!   But can you say the same about your parts counter staff, your service desk employees, and the rest of your team?

The video series follows this format:  1 - Initial Questions, 2 - Digging Deeper, 3 - Qualifying Questions, 4 - Additional Considerations.  Have a look at video 1 linked below. 

The entire video series was designed in early 2021.   We believe this can benefit all dealers who are seeking constant improvement within their business and therefore wanted to share publicly.   Any thoughts?  Drop us a comment!


Interviewing Your Customer - Video 1



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