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Don't keep your business a secret...

Posted by Glenn Beyerl on July 10, 2015 at 5:55 PM
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Be Proud of Your Business Impact 

When asked about your business or what type of work you do, how do you respond? Is it, “we sell lawn mowers,” or “I work for so and so and I fix mowers?” Why are we so modest when talking about our chosen business ventures or careers? Are we embarrassed? Well, of course not.

You work your business every day, representing the best brands in the industry and providing superb post-sale service and support to your customers. Your efforts provide employment to your staff and bolster your commercial customers’ ability to generate revenue to support their businesses and families. For your homeowner customers, you minimize how much time is required to care for their properties so they can enjoy more quality time with their families and friends.

So, let’s not be so modest about what it is we bring to the table. To really know more, ask your customers about how the products and services you provide impact their businesses and their lives. The answers will amaze you. Ask them if you may use their testimonials in your communications.  It is much more credible than just saying it yourself.  

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