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What do contractors consider when purchasing equipment?

Posted by Glenn Beyerl on July 1, 2015 at 6:21 PM
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Key Factors Contractors Consider

Over 90% of landscape contractors surveyed pointed to three key factors that influence their buying decision when purchasing equipment: Durability/Reliability, Productivity/Performance, and Brand Loyalty.


  • Durability/Reliability 97%
  • Productivity/Performance 95%
  • I've used this brand before 91%
  • Easy to Service 79%
  • Comfortable to Use 78%
  • Local Dealer is really good 73%
  • Easy to Use 71%
  • Heard other Contractors like it 42%
  • Great Trade-In value 37%
  • Lower Price 29%
  • Looks Really Good 6%

Consider Customer Needs

Keep this in mind when speaking with your customers, so you can address their hot buttons and close the deal faster. One brand to highlight is Scag since Scag products rank very high in the categories that matter most to contractors.  Want to try a demo?


To read more about the Green Industry Pros magazine survey, click here.  

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