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When is the right time to take on a new product line?

Posted by Rick Favata on August 24, 2015 at 5:55 PM
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Want to change or expand the product mix at your dealership but don’t know when to start the transition?  The best time to take on a new lawnmower line tends to be sometime between late summer and late fall (September – December).

On the flip side, the best time to take on a new winter line, such as plows and/or sanders, is sometime between April and July.

This timeframe gives the owner, employees, and managers an opportunity to learn and get acclimated with the new brand four to seven months before pre-season selling starts.


Here’s the most efficient way to prepare your team for success:

  • Learn the features and benefits of the product line as well as the details of the sales program  

  • Familiarize yourself with the websites of the distributors and manufacturers

  • Figure out what parts to order and at what quantities and decide where to place these new parts in your parts room

  • Invite your salespeople and service techs to go through manufacturers’ online sales and service training

  • Set up an equipment display to promote the new product line and communicate that your dealership is now authorized to sell and service the brand

Having a solid plan and executing it well in advance of the selling season allows you to generate interest and demand for the new product among new and existing customers.  With the proper preparation, your staff will be better trained and can more effectively articulate why the new product is a smart investment for your customer.

Before embarking on a journey to change or expand your dealership’s product mix, download a free guide outlining what you should consider when choosing new product lines.


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